Support When You Need It


You have a business to attend to. So why are you spending time uploading a pdf to your website?

Just send us the PDF, and * poof! * - Problem solved!

$150 /Month

No More Headaches


Add or Edit Blog Post

We take care of everything related to the publication of your blogs: insertion of images, links, headings, titles, etc.

Upload and Add Files

If it can be loaded and linked within a web page, we can take care of it!

Page Updates

As your organization changes, you will need to update your "About Us", "Team" and "Contact" pages. Let us do the work for you!

Technical support

Common website issues Things like redirects, plugin settings, hosting issues etc.

Audience analysis

Integration with Google Search Console, Google Analytics, Gsuite and SEO Meta Tags

Add Videos to your Website

Insert and link videos from YouTube, Vimeo and other major providers

Ecommerce updates

Unlimited updates of prices, images, etc. products in your web store

Pop-ups, inscriptions, forms, Aweber, Mailchimp, etc.

We will make sure you are connected and synchronized.

We will solve the most common problems of your website

Sometimes small businesses just need a little technical help.

  • Unlimited phone and email support.
  • Unlimited image optimization and change for web pages and blogs.
  • Add new posts to your blog unlimitedly.
  • Add new products to your web store Unlimited.
  • Unlimited update of prices of your products on your e-commerce page.
  • Integration of Google Search Console and Google Analytics.
  • Unlimited contact forms.
  • Expert advice on plugins, topics, security, best practices, etc. Just send an email or call when you have quick questions.

Perfect for:

  • Small businesses that need regular updates to images, text, blogs, or computers on their web pages.
  • Marketers who need experienced hands on WordPress.
  • Bloggers who need help with the technical part of WordPress.
  • Bloggers and small businesses who need a technical WordPress resource.
  • Bloggers who need someone to add images and blog regularly.
  • Small businesses that need to make logo, style and color updates on their website.

Not suitable for:

  • Small businesses that need a complete redesign of the website.
  • Bloggers who need someone to write or create content.

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